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Ogden Outdoor Adventure Show 307 - Dinosaur’s, Everest, and Solo Guiding

Facebook LIVE fail, Beus trail report, Solo Guiding's the new thing, Everest Season, and a Dinosaur as a comfort animal.


LITerally - Ryan Sharp, “My Imaginary Old Man: Poems”

Ryan Sharp, a poet and a hell of a good guy, read some old and new poetry for us at LITerally. It was great to talk with him and hear him talk about what all this means in this crazy world of ours, and where we belong in it and how our voices view it and interpret it and shape it.


Ogden Outdoor Adventure Show 306 - Mountain Gravity

Ogden Outdoor Adventure Show 306 - Mountain Gravity featuring Jordan Lovejoy of the Mountain + Gravity Expo.


Ogden Outdoor Adventure Show 305 - Wheeler Thru Hike

Ogden Outdoor Adventure Show 305 - Wheeler Thru Hike with actual PCT thru hiker Bryden Bowley. Boogie boarding groomers, Dark Sky's, National Parks, a clam house, action sport death rankings, Aspen knows how to party, trip report, and more. Enjoy!


Van Sessions S4 - Jarom Eubanks

Jarom Eubanks, who recently impressed Katy Perry on his American Idol audition with his relaxed pajama pants attire, played an 88 Key Keyboard in an '87 Dodge camper van down by the railroad tracks during Ogden's First Friday Art Stroll.

Produced in partnership with Ian White of Miniature Planets.


LITerally - Misty Bell Stiers “Witch, Please”

LITerally - Misty Bell Stiers "Witch, Please"


Misty Bell Stiers, debut author, enlightened us on so many things Wicca and life and love and family when she joined us to talk about her new memoir, ‘Witch Please’.



Ogden Outdoor Adventure Show 304 - Don’t Get Yakked

Ogden Outdoor Adventure Show 304 - Don't Get Yakked, featuring adventure news, #OnTheDocket, #OnTheRadar, trails report, Outdoor Jukebox, and more. 


Van Sessions S4 - The Reverend and the Revelry

Nicholas Garn, The Reverend & The Revelry, performed an amazing 4-song set for #VanSessions. 


Ogden Outdoor Adventure Show 303 - Restaurant Week, Climbing & Earth Day

Recorded LIVE down by the river at Slackwater Pizzeria, representatives from Ogden's Restaurant Week including Steve Ballard of Sonora Grill and Tai Curry Kitchen, along with Jacquie Wright, brewer with Roosters brewing, and Brandi Bosworth from the Ogden Nature Center. It was a full show and managed to chat a little Ogden Climbing Festival as well. Definitely worth the listen! Huge thanks to Visit Ogden for throwing up a LIVE feed on their Facebook Page and for taking pictures. 


Ogden Outdoor Adventure Show 302 - Evermore

Resort closing dates, climb time, mow electric, Winter advisory, Kavu love, Cotopaxi, and Pennywise all featured on this week's episode of the Ogden Outdoor Adventure Show!