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Ogden Outdoor Adventure Show 311 - The Vansion (Take 2)

It took us 2 weeks to get this one right, but then we nailed it! From down by the Ogden River to the top of Powder Mountain, we spent time with full-time van-lifer, Jake Nelson, in The Vansion, discussing the realities of van life, how to build out your own van, and van hacks. Also, #OnTheDocket featuring upcoming adventure events, news, a GEAR:30 segment, Outdoor Jukebox and more. We even harken back to draggin the 'vard. Maybe we'll start our own van-drag thing. Or, something. Enjoy Ep. 311 - The Vansion (Take 2).


Ogden Outdoor Adventure Show 310 - Pathways

OOA Ep. 310 includes special guests Greg Scothern and Rod Kramer from Weber Pathways. We chat TrailFest 2018 presented by Bank of Utah, along with upcoming community events, adventure news, a new #worthlistening segment, Outdoor Jukebox and more! 


OOA Interview - Ogden Tedx Speakers: Rebecca Virgo & Tabatha Butler

Ogden Tedx is Friday, June 29th. We spoke with duo presenters, Rebecca Virgo & Tabatha Butler about their subject: Serendipity in Collaboration. Oh, and Rebecca's carabiner earings are dope. 


Ogden Outdoor Adventure Show 309 - SUP Along

SUP'ing Pineview and podcasting in an RV down by the... well, my house. OK, it's parked next to my house. Initially we nicknamed the RV "Studio B," but we just renamed her to "Studio RV." It's kind-of a nice place to podcast, actually. Plenty of room. Anywho, we chat Adventure news, events, pop-culture, gear-of-the-week, outdoor jukebox, and more. Tell a friend.

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OOA Interview - Chase Burch

 A conversation with adventurer, marketer, boat captain, Chase Burch, about work life balance, chasing your dreams, sailing, and pizza.


Ogden Outdoor Adventure Show 308 - Salty Sailing

Featuring a conversation with adventurer, marketer, boat captain, Chase Burch, about work life balance, chasing your dreams, and pizza. Plus, On The Docket, Adventure News, Quote of the Week, Outdoor Jukebox and more.

This episode was recorded on the Ohana while anchored at sea on the Great Salt Lake. Thank you, Chase!

Shout out to new friends John & Marga!



OOA Interview - Kasey LaRose, Ogden Film Festival

Ogden Outdoor Adventure Interview with Kasey LaRose of Circa3 and the 2nd Annual Ogden Film Festival. 

The 2018 Ogden Film Festival is Friday, June 1st, at Peery's Egyptian Theater. Tickets are only $10 for 15 films including local sumbissions along with international submissions from Hungary and Belize. 

Film Q&A's with actors and directors include "Up to Snuff" Producer / Director, Mark Maxey.

We chat with Kasey about Friday Light Nights as one of the best television shows of all time, review Solo, Kasey's Coming of Age preferences, and of course, this year's Film Fest.



Van Sessions S4 - Kendrick Zane

From rocking a piano bar to playing 88 keys in a van down by the railroad tracks, Kendrick Zane along with guitarist Tom Hopkins performed 4 original songs in this Billy Joel inspired set.


LITerally Ep. 26 - Teresa Dovalpage, “Death Comes In Through The Kitchen”

Teresita Dovalpage, writing about food and murder and what it's like to wrap them together in Cuba, made us laugh. Teresa opened up on the LITerally Podcast about being a writer, a native Cuban, and what it's like write a crime novel, which, to me, felt like a literary crime novel because of the beautiful prose!


Ogden Outdoor Adventure Show 307 - Dinosaur’s, Everest, and Solo Guiding

Facebook LIVE fail, Beus trail report, Solo Guiding's the new thing, Everest Season, and a Dinosaur as a comfort animal.