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J.T. Robinson - Ex Pro-Telemark Skier, Entrepreneur, Ogden Local

When it came time to choose between starting a new gig at Merrill Lynch, or hustling as young professional telemark skier, J.T. Robinson chose the latter. Full of self confidence, talent, and ingenuity, Robinson carved out a 10-year career on tele's before the 'AT Revolution' and a significant injury forced him to consider a career change. Now, Robinson is busy building Vertical Integration, a unique content creation company that will soon begin offering guiding services. You'll find Robinson rounding out his skill sets on his mountain bike and maybe soon on a standup paddleboard. A wealth of knowledge and a badass backcountry skier, we enjoyed getting to know this former Wisconson moguls slayer and now Ogden, Utah advocate.  


Ogden Outdoor Adventure Show 274 - Muddy Rivers, Telemark & Trash

Life as a pro telemark skier (interview with Ogden local J.T. Robinson), floating the rarely floatable Muddy Creek in the San Rafael Swell, and the new alcohol ban at Pineview and Causey passes, but what about all that trash?! "So pitted," Weekly Happy, Ogden Film Festival, and an Outdoor Jukebox on this mostly impromptu episode of the Ogden Outdoor Adventure Show! Enjoy!


Ogden Outdoor Adventure Show 273 - RV’s and Everest

But did you really climb it? We break in the new 1981 Tioga RV with a podcast!! Weekly Happy, On The Docket, In The News, Worth Watching, GEAR:30, Quote of the Week, and Outdoor Jukebox!! All this and more on Ogden Outdoor Adventure Show 273 - RV's and Everest!


Daniel Fox - Explorer & Storyteller

Interview with Daniel Fox, explorer, storyteller, and founder of W.I.L.D., an initiative that raises funds to send under privileged youth to wilderness immersion camps. Daniel uses lessons from time spent in the wilderness to educate others how to take control of their lives, and own their own decisions through a method of STOP, BREATHE, RELAX, and LISTEN.  

In this interview, Fox voices his belief in the need for society to re-embrace solitude and silence. Fox also opens up about recent significant life changes including getting married in an ephemeral ice cave. Look for Fox's latest photography project, Random Connectedness. 

Recorded at Summit Powder Mountain's Skylodge. 


Ogden Outdoor Adventure Show 272 - Jaws & Bears

Ogden Outdoor Adventure Show 272 featuring bear stories, Jaws, local outdoor events, adventure news, something Worth Watching, a Weekly Happy, and more. Enjoy!!


Ogden Outdoor Adventure Show - Trails, Tragedy & Toilets

This episode of the Ogden Outdoor Adventure Show includes Weekly Happy, Events, News, Worth Watching, Worth Reading, Wheeler Creek Trip Report, #GEAR30 segment, and more. 


Shannon “Tarzana” Kulpa - Naked & Afraid

"I hope he's not distracted by my giant Amazon bush" - Shannon Tarzana Kulpa

Starring in Discovery Channel's hit show Naked & Afraid and Naked & Afraid XL, Shannon "Tarzana" Kulpa from Ogden, Utah, chats with us about her time on the show. We discover just how real the danger was, how the production team meddles, how there's no time for sexual thoughts despite being naked, and how Shannon is using her experience to start a new survival business in Trinidad. 

Congrats Shannon, you're a badass!



Ogden Outdoor Adventure Show 270 - Eats & Sending

Ogden Restaurant Week and Cedar Wright at the Ogden Climbing Festival


LITerally Ep. 14 - Justin Boening

LITerally Ep 14 with poet, Justin Boening


Van Sessions - Default Minds

Van Sessions presents Default Minds!