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Through the Pines Ep. 18 - How to Build an Investment Portfolio

June 16th, 2022

#Podcast: How to Build an Investment Portfolio - What you NEED to know!

Our financial wizards Rex Baxter, Brandyn Smith, and Dan Nelsen help us navigate how to structure an investment portfolio and deal with the ups and downs of the market over time to eventually build wealth.


- How do you start building an Investment Portfolio?

- How do you predict market downturns?

- How do I know the amount of my portfolio that needs to be in higher risk versus less volatile assets?

- Types of risk tolerances.

- Planning for the future - Calculate living expenses, factor in taxes, inflation, Social Security, etc. Then determine annual distribution needs and multiply that by 5. ( 2008 took about 4 years to recover from the bottom, but was down for about 5.5 years)

- Gut Risk- Even if the plan can handle the ups and downs, we don’t ever want to put a client in a place they feel uncomfortable.

- Timing the market - Can it be done?

- Do you ever see people in the wrong risk tolerances?

- When is it time to adjust your portfolio?

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This episode includes financial advice from professionals. Visit the financial planners in this podcast at The Banyan Collective & Host, R. Brandon Long are not the financial professionals - podcast pro's, maybe - money men, not so much.

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