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Through the Pines Ep. 17 - How to Structure MONEY in Retirement - Decade of Your 70s

May 27th, 2022

How to Structure MONEY in Retirement - Decade of Your 70s // Through the Pines

#Podcast: You're retired, now what do you do with your money?

Our financial wizards Rex Baxter, Brandyn Smith, and Dan Nelsen help us navigate how to structure money once retired, and how we can help our parents who are in their 70s better manage their money.


Once I’m retired, do I put all my investments in cash or does it stay invested?

Required Minimum Distributions (RMD’s) - What are they?

When do RMD's start?

How much do I need to take out of my accounts?

What happens if I don’t take my RMD's?

How does insurance needs change during retirement?

Home Insurance?

Health Insurance/Medicare?

Long-term care Insurance? (In case of a care facility)




Do I need to start positioning assets to pass to the next generation?

Reference the Estate Planning Podcasts for:


$12.06 million exemption in 2022

Do Roth Conversions make sense?


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This episode includes financial advice from professionals. Visit the financial planners in this podcast at The Banyan Collective & Host, R. Brandon Long are not the financial professionals - podcast pro's, maybe - money men, not so much.

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