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Through The Pines Ep. 14 - How to Manage Money in Your 40s!

March 10th, 2022

Welcome to a Financial Planning Podcast with a down to earth vibe Sasquatch would take the “Red Pill” for, this is Through the Pines…

How to Manage Money in Your 40s!

Our financial wizards this week include Rex Baxter, and Brandyn Smith


Emergency Fund - How Much?
Debt - How much Debt is too much debt in your 40s?
Investment Strategy - How aggressive?
Insurance - What do I need?


Kids - How do talk to kids about money? Books? Subsidize Balance?
Estate Planning?
Combining 401K with Other Investments to reach Retirement Goals?
Living vs Saving? What’s the balance?
Common questions from investors in their 40s?

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