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Through The Pines Ep. 13 - Financial Planning BASICS: How Much Do You Need For Retirement?

January 27th, 2022

Podcast: Through The Pines Ep. 13 - Financial Planning Basics: How Much Do You Need For Retirement?

Welcome to a Financial Planning Podcast with a down to earth vibe Sasquatch would fight Boba Fett for, this is Through the Pines… This week we cover Financial Planning Basics with our financial wizards Rex Baxter and Brandyn Smith.

Time Stamps:
01:03 Basics of a Financial Plan
08:12 Amount of Money You Need for Retirement
11:12 Calculate Your Net Worth
12:59 Determine Your Risk Tolerance
14:35 All in ONE basket or diversify?
16:13 Multiple Layers of Diversification
18:46 Why should you invest?
20:59 Understanding 401K's and should you use the company match?
25:22 Is it worth starting a 401K at ALL your jobs when you're young? "The Rollover"
29:01 What percentage of your income should you save for retirement?
33:00 Can you save too much? 36:35 Smore Numbers: Overspending
40:00 Why use a financial planner?
41:07 How Financial Planners get Paid

Contact Info:

Through the Pines - Reminding you to use yesterday’s dollars to finance tomorrow’s dreams.

This episode includes financial advice from professionals. Visit for more information. The Banyan Collective & Host, R. Brandon Long are not the financial professionals - podcast pro's, maybe - money men, not so much.

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