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Through The Pines Ep. 11 - 75 Years of Wealth Building Advice

November 21st, 2021

What 3 financial planners have learned from over 75 years of WEALTH building // Through the Pines Financial Podcast

Professional financial planners Rex Baxter, Brandyn Smith, and Dan Nelsen cover wealth building topics and advice derived from over 75 years of wealth building experience.

Topics covered include:

- What is the most common mistake people make with their money?
- What piece of technology has most improved financial planning?
- What is the most important piece of advice you give your clients regarding saving and investing?
- The difference between suffering and sacrificing financially.
- Why do most people adjust lifestyle spending to match income?
- How to build an emergency fund?
- People are usually much closer to their retirement goals than they think.
- What's the best way to compensate your financial advisor?
- Social Security – when to take it and when to leave it?

Contact Info:

This episode includes financial advice from professionals. Visit for more information. The Banyan Collective & Host, R. Brandon Long are not the financial professionals - podcast pro's, maybe - money men, not so much.

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