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Ogden Outdoor Adventure Show Ep. 387 - Ogden Climbing Festival, Duel Mooning and Prehistoric Cheetas

April 5th, 2022

The annual Ogden Climbing Festival returns and we chat other outdoorsy news, local events and more on this episode of the Ogden Outdoor Adventure Show!

Show Notes:

Where Outdoor Adventure summits the airwaves, this is the Ogden Outdoor Adventure Show!! I’m your host, R. Brandon Long, on belay with you for the next 40 minutes. Along for the ride is the BEST co-host in all the land, Todd to the Top!! We’re hanging out inside The Monarch in the HEART of the Nine Rails Arts District!


All this and more on Ogden Outdoor Adventure Show Episode 387 - Ogden Climbing Festival, Duel Mooning & Prehistoric Cheetas


WEEKLY HAPPY | Fat Bike Pond Skimming 




Ski Resort Closings…


First Wednesdays: GOAL Foundation Community Hikes

Three Sessions: TFNU Youth Trail Hikes


April 6 - GOAL Foundation Community Hikes | 6pm

April 9 - Turn N’ Burn Race | Powder Mountain

April 8-10 - Ogden Climbing Festival | Weber State Outdoor Program

April 9 - End of Season Party | Powder Mountain

April 9 - Avalanche Dog Fundraiser | Mountain Luxury, 6-10pm

April 13 - Anchor Cleaning Clinic | 9th Street Crag (donation requested)

April 17 - Easter Brunch Buffet | Snowbasin

April 22-24 - HillFest | Powder Mountain

April 23 - Earth Day Celebrations | Ogden Nature Center

April 30 - Coldwater Traverse | 11 & 16 mile Trail Run, Bonneville Shoreline

April 30 - Kids Bike Giveaway & Bike Safety Rodeo | Ogden Bicycle Collective

May 4 - GOAL Foundation Community Hikes | 6pm

May 7 - Fly with the Flock 5K | Ogden Nature Center


GUESTS | Hayley Prine; Amy Knight - Ogden Climbing Festival







  • Fresh Goods from Big Agnes, Black Diamond, Edelrid, Petzl, Altra, and Hilleberg





“It is always by way of pain one arrives at pleasure.” - Marquis de Sade


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OUTDOOR JUKEBOX | Yudi Ko on Van Sessions

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