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Ogden Outdoor Adventure Show Ep. 383 - Moose, Avalanche & GOAL

January 25th, 2022

Where Outdoor Adventure summits the airwaves, this is the Ogden Outdoor Adventure Show!! I’m your host, R. Brandon Long, on belay with you for the next 40 minutes. Along for the ride is the BEST co-host in all the land, Todd to the Top!! We’re hanging out inside The Monarch in the HEART of the Nine Rails Arts District!

All this and more on Ogden Outdoor Adventure Show Episode 383 - Moose Avalanche & GOALS



Snow Report

Jan 27 - Ogden Avalanche B-Street Speaker Series: Terrain | Roosters B-Street 6-9pm

Jan 29 - Grom Fest | Powder Mountain 10am-1pm

Feb 3 - Ogden Avalanche B-Street Speaker Series: Accidents | Roosters B-Street 6-9pm

Feb 4-5 - Up For Air Series - RUFA Malans Peak | Malans Peak

Feb 5 - Climbing Up For Air (CUFA) | The Front Ogden, 4 Hour & 8 Hour Events

Feb 5 - Intro To Backcountry Touring, Weber Outdoor Program | Ben Lomond Peak

Feb 10 - Ogden Avalanche B-Street Speaker Series: Rescue | Roosters B-Street 6-9pm

Feb 11-13 - Backcountry Yurt Trip, Weber Outdoor Program | Bloomington Canyon, ID

Feb 16 - Winter Trails Series Full Moon Snowshoe Hike, Weber OP | Wheeler Creek

Feb 19-21 - Powder Mountain 50th Anniversary Celebration | Powder Mountain

Mar 25 - Winter Trails Series XC Ski, Weber Outdoor Program | North Fork Park


GUEST | Kory Davis- Ogden Avalanche; Sarah Moore - GOAL Foundation



WORTH WATCHING | X-Games Knuckle Huck Comp


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OUTDOOR JUKEBOX | “Hold Your Horses” - Vincent Draper and the Culls


As John Muir would say, “The Mountains are calling and we must go…

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