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LITerally Podcast Ep. 58 - Taylor Garcia, Functional Families

July 6th, 2022

LITerally Podcast Ep. 58 - Taylor Garcia, Functional Families 


We talked about a lot more than writing in this episode with author Taylor Garcia. We jumped into everything writers think about when writing that readers probably never know! Writing isn’t just putting words on paper. It’s a life. We delve into all of this.


Taylor Garcia:

Functional Families on Amazon:


"Taylor García is the author of the novel, Slip Soul (Touchpoint Press, 2021), and the short story collection, Functional Families (Unsolicited Press, 2021). In addition to his books, García has published several short stories and essays in numerous journals, and is a weekly columnist at the Good Men Project.


In a past life, García was a features and sports reporter at The Santa Fe New Mexican, and a political news correspondent at the Talk Radio News Service in Washington, D. C.He holds an MFA in Writing  from Pacific University Oregon. García is a multi-generational Neomexicano originally from Santa Fé, New Mexico now living in Southern California with his family."


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